The WayWord Woman is a mom who loves to write, bake sweet treats, and get her hands dirty in the garden. In 2015, with a struggling lumber industry, her professional career came to an end and three months later she welcomed her first child into the world. In addition to being a full-time mommy, she writes for a local non-profit she absolutely adores.

This blog is about her trying to figure out how to be herself, hopefully, without going crazy first; this busy mommy wishes naps happened frequently and is addicted to coffee.

Despite a mild case of OCD she’s not perfect, her cookies aren’t perfect (they’re pretty close), and her garden has weeds in it. She’s a beautifully flawed human being trying to figure out how to be better…because we all want to be better at something.

The WayWord Woman is written by published Children’s Book Author, Lindsey Parkinson.

She lives in Western Washington with her three small children, and noisy black cat.