It’s Almost Tea Time in the Garden

I call it the Tea Garden.

From the beginning, I have imagined myself sitting in this little garden at my beautiful blue tile patio table drinking out of a tea cup. I say drinking out of because I’m not a tea girl…I’m very much a coffee girl. But even this girl dreams of tea parties. I don’t recall having tea parties as a child, and even before I inherited my grandmother’s beautiful china, I wanted to have china worthy of a tea party.

A Magical Place in the Making

The short fence does little to deter the deer from entering this magical place. Even unfinished, it’s a place that beckons to me. The tiny blue tiled table and two metal black chairs are often drowning in grass and weeds, but still I’m drawn to this place.

Overgrown But Not Forgotten

There’s so much to do on this future little farm of ours that I find myself going wherever motivation takes me. Feel like weeding the front rock garden…go for it. Feel like moving bricks from the woodshed garden that continues to fail to the front path…why not? It’s not every day I WANT to yank weeds from the ground, so when I do…I do it.

This year has been especially busy with finishing my first children’s book, ‘The ABC’s According to Charlie‘, Louie’s mobile now and into EVERYTHING, and potty training Charlie and his new puppy, Winnie. Our summer has flown by and even with everything we have accomplished, there’s still so much more to do.

Big Ideas & A Small Budget

For years…yes, years, I have thought and talked about what I wanted to do with this garden space. Every year it gets some attention and it’s been coming along nicely. Nice and slow. It’s got a nice raised bed, a garden tower, and a border garden almost all the way around it’s perimeter. It needs another black metal arbor at the back entrance, and a custom built wood arbor in the front. At the moment there is really only one entrance and it’s not really convenient for loads of anything…flowers, plants, pea gravel, bricks, barrels, etc.

The thing is…my ideas cost money and I don’t like spending money. We’ve gotten creative in recent years, recycling and reusing supplies from around the property to get the most of what we already have. Cinderblocks from the property we purchased next door give the raised bed it’s border and has become home to a thyme plant that is taking over the back border wall. Left over cottage stones create a beautiful little corner bed for the grapes that have finally started to climb up the arbor and the rosemary bush that is flourishing at its base.

Special Delivery

My Tea Garden began as a regular garden…we planted everything in there from tomatoes and salad, to strawberries and raspberries, cucumbers and even squash. Some things worked and some didn’t. Every year is different and every year we make progress toward what will soon be a place I want to sit and drink coffee while the birds and bees fly about.

One of the things I have always wanted to do in this garden space is to have a rock floor. I thought the table and chairs would look fabulous sitting atop a lovely layer of rocks…I love rocks, and I see now where Charlie gets his obsession. I seriously have rock collecting time with him…and he loves it as much as I do.

To date, we have never purchased rocks for any of our rock projects and that is the only reason my Tea Garden has been sort of put on the back burner. It’s hard to weed a garden that is ALL weeds. I love weeding the garden, when I’m in weed pulling mode…but that garden is hard to get excited about in it’s current state. Until now…

The Pea Gravel Fairy (My Father-in-Law), delivered 41 bags, almost 2 yards, of pea gravel to the Tea Garden last week and on delivery day I spread out 11 bags of the beautiful stuff…it’s looks amazing! 

Motivation Monday’s just got a little bit harder to plan, because now I want to spend time working in the Tea Garden too!

Tea Time is Around the Corner

My beautiful Tea Garden is finally starting to get the attention it deserves (just ignore the fact that something else around here is now getting neglected, ie: the laundry), and some of my ideas are coming to life. My In-Laws inherited a huge mound of pea gravel when they bought their new house…their unfortunate inheritance is now a most fortunate blessing to me.

I guess it’s true what ‘they’ say, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.”

Thanks for the pea gravel dad…the garden is starting to look amazing!

Let’s have a Tea Party! 

When the garden is ready, I’m having a Tea Party…if you want to be invited, subscribe and comment below! 


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