October’s Giveaway

Get Out to Get Intrigued

This month’s giveaway is Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest by Philip Varney! 

When I was little I LOVED scary movies! You name it and I have probably seen it. I can’t tell you what I loved or why I stopped watching pretty much all ‘thrillers’, but I guess it probably has something to do with being enough of a handful without having irrational fears on top of it. For example, I LOVE the movie Jaws, this movie single handedly kept me out of salt water until recently (two months ago). I’m irrationaly terrified of sharks…I don’t even ‘do’ Shark Week! Jaws and it’s sequels are an exception to my “No Scary Movies!” motto, and I’m sure there are others if I really thought about it. I usually attempt to watch scary movies in broad daylight and can’t do it. What can I say…I’m a big whimp these days.

Since I’ve ‘grown up’, I’ve traded in my desire to be scared for good ole fashioned mysteries. While I no longer enjoy being scared, I absolutely love solving mysteries. I am the queen of knowing the who, what, where, why and how before any one else…and I love being right!

October is the perfect time of year to get out and visit these incredible ghost towns. The Fall season only adds to the mysterious atmosphere and I can’t help but love any excuse for a little road trip and a lot of fun!

This awesome guidebook will lead you to the best ghosttowns of of the Pacific Northwest; Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Places that were once booming hubs for mining, fishing, logging, etc. These abandoned places have become must see attractions full of history.

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Drawing will take place on Saturday, October 20th at 3:00 p.m. in honor of our 2 Month Launch Anniversary.

Next Month’s Giveaway: Another Book By One of My Favorite Authors!

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